PHAETON TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION is a science and technology type military enterprises in the field of new material technology, founded in 2006 in Zigong City Chenguang science and Technology Park, covers an area of 38.5 mu, the registered capital of 106 million 500 thousand yuan, the total assets of 146 million 540 thousand yuan, 137 employees. Professional R & D and production of aramid fibers and aramid fiber advanced composite materials, Aramid 1313 precipitation fibers, the technical level of Sichuan province science and technology identification: the leading domestic, reached the international advanced, has 50 tons and 100 tons of fiber composite material production capacity. The company has a number of independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology, which has 13 patents, 6 national invention patents, 7 utility model patents; has accepted 16 patents: national invention patent 12, 4 national invention patents. The company has made "secret weapons and equipment research and production license", "weapons and equipment research and production license", "military standard quality management system certification", is the military production safety standard units, undertake major projects of national key new product plan, the torch plan, Sichuan province strategic emerging industries such as construction, aramid fiber fiber in 2011 by the state four ministries awarded the "national key new product", has completed more than 20 military research, development and production tasks, is the vice president of Sichuan Province, national defense science and Technology Industry Association unit.
 The company Foust from aramid fiber products have been deep into the enhancement, weight loss, ballistic protection, structure of wave, structure, structure and function of the integration of advanced stealth materials needed and three military application system, aerospace science and technology cutting-edge projects and high-end products.


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